Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Awesome Father: Tip 1 - Shotgun Rules!

Here is a series of a few simple changes you can make today to improve the relationship with your kids...

The first one comes from frustration over the hassle of getting 3 kids into a car with out fights breaking out. Most of us have somewhere between 2 and 6 car journeys with kids per day, so this is a godsend!

TIP 1:  SHOTGUN RULES! or how to reduce front-seat-ownership arguments

Who gets to sit in the front seat of the car when 3 kids are travelling, and one adult driving? Who's turn is it? But didn't little Johnny go in the front last time? But Billy said "Shotgun" OMG! What a pain that conversation became !!!

Try this... (btw, it's genius!)

Step 1 - Tell the children that the only question that is allowed before getting in the car is...

         "Daddy, who's in the front?"

Step 2 - Make an arbitrary choice - EVERY TIME

Step 3 - Penalise any resistance, complaints, or 'asking the wrong question' with elimination from the next round!

Bonus Tip: On the way to an event, I'll usually put that child whose event it is in the front. They get to choose their favorite music to psyche themselves up for it! BUT - they still have to ask the right question!

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