Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Awesome Father: TIP 3 - HIGH FIVING - ALWAYS NAIL IT! what always? yep, always!


Credit for this tip goes to Alex Jacobs, a good friend of mine - who is also an accomplished father!

Get the basic etiquette for high-fiving here. And once a high-five has been initiated, make sure it's a good one... with this simple tip.

Step 1: Look at the other person's elbow.

Yep, that's it. No other instructions necessary. Just look at the other person's elbow, not their hand - and you'll be guaranteed an impressive connection.

Strangely it works with adults and kids alike. There seems to be no limit to the power of this trick. Give it a go.

BONUS TIP: Nailing a 'windmill high five' like Mav and Goose (0:22), takes practise - so only attempt it with people (or kids) that you high-five frequently. The key here is to look at the elbow 'up-high', but keep walking past for the 'down-low'. 

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