Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Awesome Father: TIP 4 - ELEVATOR GAME! the most fun you can have with a floor and a child!


How do you change up a game of competitive 'rough-and-tumble' with a toddler to be a laugh-out-loud mutually beneficial experience? Here's how...

Rough-and-tumble session have only one ending. Someone has to lose! Either dad squashes the small child, or dad lets the small child win. Neither of these make for positive outcomes - and usually the mother is looking on in horror as the ante is upped and tears are inevitable.

Finish a game of rough-and-tumble on a high note with this little game - and get a little chest work out while you're at it...

The 'Elevator Game' involves dad lying on his back holding the child across his chest as if he were about to bench-press the child. The child has to do a plank, and can face the floor (less scary) or the ceiling (more scary) and stay nice and flat. Be careful where you hold the child... on the chest below the neck, and at the top of the thighs are ideal, minimising discomfort and giving good purchase!

You are about to bench-press your child a few times, so get comfortable!

Follow the instructions and script - but feel free to replace 'department store departments' with anything funny or relevant to your day:

    "Ground floor: Valet parking and Coffee Shop"

Push the child off your chest a little way and stop.

    "First floor: Ladies wear, pyjamas and pants"

Push the child a little further up and stop.

    "Second floor: Mens wear, cardigans and slippers"

Push the child up a little more and stop.

    "Third floor: Children's wear, toyshop and pets"

Push the child right up.

    "Top floor: Rooftop restaurant and terrace"


Drop the child, in a controlled fashion, back to your chest - with a little bump!

Rinse, and repeat!

This was my kids absolute favorite, and always had us laughing away. And it worked great until about aged 11 - when they get too heavy!  Try it now, before it's too late.

BONUS TIP: For smaller (lighter) kids, there are variations including:

- "OH NO! THE BUILDING IS FALLING OVER!", with straight arms, lower child over your head (carefully) until they land on the floor gently.
- "OH NO! THERE'S AN EARTHQUAKE!", shake the child vigorously at the top floor!
- "OH NO! THE ELEVATOR IS ON A BUNGEE CORD!", bounce the child up and down (a lot)!

Just tried this again with my three. 8yr old and 11yr old were easy enough. 13yr old daughter was a struggle! But we all ended up in fits of laughter - as expected!

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